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2012 MATTS Sub Hour 40K Club (6/27)

Bryce Mead
Mead’s Bike Shop
Elmer Colyer
Brones Bikes
Chris Mosora
Scarlet Fire
Rick Lapinski
Zoot Ultra
Tom Doughty
Scarlet Fire
Bob Burke
PACT/Dish Network
Jordan Brady
Korte Hammer Down
Reed Oliff
Lamb Little Racing
Brian Akers
Lamb Little Racing
Jon Lafontant
Doug Peterson
Lamb Little Racing
Anthony Meadors
Fabio Orlandi
Steven Phillips
James Kambol
Vision Quest
Jack Arnolde
Team Got Wind?
Kyle Fleener
Pella Bike Racing
Paul Melenbeck
Badger Velo Club
Doug Boduch
Don Lowe
Team Mack
Leigh Thompson
Vision Quest
David Lampert
James Sneddon
Richard Kreutzfeldt
PACT/Dish Network
Jim Uemura
W2 Racing
James Flechsig
Darin Steiner
Team Mack
Jerzy Trzeciak
Plus Cycling
David Heckelsmiller
xXx Racing
Stacy Mosora
Scarlet Fire


2012 Paw Paw-Apache TT-ABR IL State Results


If you were traveling at 55mph heading into the quiet, little, sleepy town of Paw Paw, how in the heck are you ever going to read this "garage sale" size sign about the Apache TT? How many of you actually saw this? That's what I thought!

Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Paw Paw-Apache TT- IL State Recap

Still waiting for the results just like the rest of you desperadoes. When they become available, I'll get them posted! Hopefully, this can keep you occupied for a while...I'm heading out for a ride.

For the narcissistic time trialist, Paw Paw is probably the most challenging course that MATTS puts on the schedule year after year. It’s a great venue with its nicely paved roads and very little traffic on a Sunday morning. One small exception was the white farm truck pulling a flatbed of hay that barely missed me, as well as, another oncoming rider today. How in the world did we escape this mess? Jaminator, I didn't know I would be in need of those cameras you have. I needed to get some live footage of this situation. When the driver and his son realized what had happened, they pulled up beside me saying...better yet, yelling, that they were sorry. I kindly gave them the, not the middle finger! It was my pointer finger ladies and gentlemen. I was waving it back and forth at them as if we were ready to "get it on" in the octagon on pay per view with "Big John McCarthy" refereeing the bout! Yes, at that moment, I was full of piss and vinegar. It soon subsided when I realized I was participating in a race.

Once again, the winds on Monday through Wednesday were howling with the temps rising into the 90’s. However, by Thursday and Friday, the winds had died down and the temps were back into the mid 80’s. Just a bit more suitable for training…thank goodness! I was getting really tired of riding into 20+mph headwinds.

Now it’s Sunday morning and the weather was looking pretty darn good. Mother Nature wasn’t crying on the roads like she did last week at Garden Prairie, but the roads were a bit more grippe here in Paw Paw for those of you carrying a few extra kilos in the saddle like myself. At times, it felt like there was glue on the road. I guess I must have become a bit delusional wearing that cool helmet. The weather was pretty consistent all morning with the temps in the 80's and a SSW around 10mph. Therefore, I would have to say it was a fair fight for everyone who clicked in and got aero. The times that were recorded today clearly showed that to be the case.

As the riders left the start, they were faced with the SSW wind which made the first section of road slow. That is until they made a right hand turn and reached the section with rollers that was even slower than the first stretch. After the second right turn, riders found themselves heading north and picking up speed with the tailwind on the false flat heading to the turnaround. However, after the turnaround the wind once again slapped them right in the face going south. For many, it was a relief to make that first left hand turn back onto the roller section. Heading back east on this stretch was incredibly fast with the tailwind. The last left hand turn onto the final section of road was difficult for many riders. Hammering up those small rises in the landscape took what little they had left and spit them out. I'm sure that the 1 mile to go sign was a welcoming sight for all riders. From there to the finish, the course was pan flat and the tailwind became quite helpful, once again, as everybody ignited what kerosene fumes they had left in the tank to get to the line.

It was good to see the course marshals at each of the turns. Yes, I heard about last year’s fiasco of stolen signs and no course marshals. Don’t forget, many of you really need to ride or drive the course to get that visual before you show up to the start line. You can still have people marshaling a corner who are completely oblivious and fail to signal the direction you need to go. Obviously, this will cost you time waiting for them to put their cellphone away and get back to the task of directing you in the correct direction. I heard it through the grapevine that this happened last week at the Garden Prairie Team Time Trial. These situations are absolutely unacceptable for any type of race against the clock.

"Margaritaville Madness" right here in river city the night before Paw Paw with newly retired Mr. B. Mrs. Beam, I'm gonna need some fresh squeezed Wolf Berry Juice! Dougie D, you could have used some of Pat's concoction last weekend after your bachelor party.
You know you're getting close to Paw Paw when you start seeing the Mendota  Hill's Wind Farm from 53/39. These turbines stand 214 feet tall with three 83 feet blades and tips the scales at 110 tons. The 63 turbines that makeup this wind farm are capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 15,000 homes per year. 

Everything you ever needed to know and more about Paw Paw, Illinois can be found right here on this sign. Thanks to Jim Saplis, Doug Johnson, Team Apache, Bob Kuttler, Bob Lundberg and Bill Cassidy for putting together another great MATTS event.

As Bob Lundberg and Bill Cassidy were decorating the pavilion for the awards presentation, registration was running rather smoothly with Bob Kuttler in command. Guys the sign looks a little off, but I'll give you an A+ for effort!

Bryce, you are in a class all your own leaving the rest of us in the 16" softball league bustin' a twelve pack of "the high life" after every weekend's event! Nice set of wheels with the pro graphics for your shop! Can I get a replica of this in a matchbox car? If any of you are out in the Sterling area, you need to drop by his bike shop, it's awesome! Here's the link: Mead's Bike Shop

While the racers were waiting to get started. I overheard the following conversation among the ABR Officials. "What about your parents? Love 'em or want to mail them back to Walmart? Costco, actually!" Fabio Orlandi and Jon Lafontant (PYOC) are looking completely confuzzled at the situation that's developing right in front of them, and they are seriously contemplating snagging those two chairs if this goes on any longer. "Sweet Cheeks" could you get those boys a drink while I warm up...temps are rising, and it might be a while.

Elmer "The Destroyer" Colyer (Brones Bikes) taking off at the start. Bob Kuttler was the MATTS start official for Sunday's event. Don't forget that Bob is putting together a time trial weekend in Cordova, Illinois July 21st and 22nd. Check links to to the left or at the bottom of blog for flyer info.
Chris and Stacy Mosora (Scarlet Fire Racing) looking quite happy after the race. Check out the single speed that Chris rides...can you say "STUD" boys and girls! Who drops a 54 and small change with wind and hills on a 40K course like this? Sorry Chris, I need some gears, but even they can't help me hold your wheel. I'm gonna need to invest in a bottom bracket motor. Any silent sponsors?

The next MATTS event is the Midwest Masters Wolfgang Freitag Memorial 2-Person 50k TTT on Sunday, July 8th. Here's the link to register: Get Me Registered.  After that...MATTS will take us out west to the Mississippi in Cordova, Illinois for a weekend of time trialing sponsored by Stray Kats Racing. On Saturday, July 21st it will be the Barstow 20K TT at Cordova. Then on Sunday, July 22nd you'll have the Dr Craig Schultz Memorial 40K TT at Cordova ("ABR Midwest Regional Championship Time Trial"). Here's the link to register for both: Get Me Registered


June 30th
July 8th
July 8th
July 21st
July 22nd
"ABR Midwest Regional Championship Time Trial"
August 4th
August 4th


Joe Berenyi makes the 2012 USA Para Olympic Team!

Awesome perfromance Joe...absolutely frickn' awesome! You're heading to London for the 2012 Olympics!
ABD is so proud to be one of Joe's sponsors!  Our goal of helping with his racing expenses just changed. Now we have added the goal of getting Joe's wife and three kids to London to watch him in the Olympics!   We can't do that alone, but thought if we reach out to all of our Midwest racing community, together we can make it happen! 

"CLICK" following link for more info:
13 make US Paralympic cycling team

To start,  this Wednesday at the Pella's Training Criterium, ABD will cover the expenses of the race so ALL entry fees go to that fund!  So come one and come all!!  Entry fee is whatever you can give!

Racing starts at 6:15, but the celebration starts now! Hope to see you there!

** Registration will start around 5:30 PM Wednesday night with the first race going off at 6:15 PM. Race #1 is the beginner's/category 5 race (7 laps). Race #2 is a 13 lap scratch race (category 4/5 start first, half-a-lap or so later the 1/2/3 riders take off and try to catch the lead group). Race #3 is a 20 lap points race (points sprint every 4 laps). Race all 3 races no matter your category!
Looking good in the stars and stripes!
Athletes By Design


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Trial Etiquette from Carl Wilkins

1. Be at event minimum 1 hour before your start time.
2. Pick up your race number when you arrive.
3. Check your name, race class and team is correct at number pick up.
4. Pin number on correctly, Officials need to see it clearly.
5. Use Toilets, be they out house, portable, or fancy indoor.
6. Wearing Clothes in public is mandatory for all participants.
7. Be at Start line ON TIME - 10 min before your start time.
8. If your late to start your time is running.
9. Need a new start time ask Registration...start line official is too busy starting other riders.
10. Ride on the right side of road, not in the middle, not on left side, not in the ditch.
11. Be courteous to people working registration, start line, corners, finish line volunteering time to help you. 
12. When you finish, do not screech to a halt, the rider behind you needs time to slow down.
13. Skinsuit must not be see through in the rain.
14. Have the Time of Your Life.

Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Scarlet Fire 2-Person TTT Recap II

Once again, Ben-jamin Widoff took the results from this TT and put them in order from fastest to slowest. He also included the amount of time your team was behind the fastest team of the day. Thanks Ben, I know people like to see the results in this format!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Scarlet Fire 2-Person TTT Recap I

The weather all week was in the low to mid 70's and windy with northeast and northwest winds. As the week moved into Thursday and Friday, the temps increased while the winds stayed constant. Now, it's Saturday morning and the temps are fast approaching the mid to upper 80's...go figure! It's time for the Garden Prairie TTT, so why wouldn't the winds have picked up as well?

I prayed all week to the wind deities, but I guess I forgot to include the rain deities in these prayers. My failure to do so must have upset them both, so they both put the smack down on teams that had a later start time.

Druber's Crew ran a very well organized MATTS race. The corners were clean and monitored, directional markers everywhere and all the road imperfections were very well marked with bright, orange, fluorescent paint to help riders navigate the course. In other words, everything was smooth...wait that's my word of the week from Coach Burke!

As riders left the starting line, they were hit with a 10-12 mph south, southwest wind. Heading east to the turnaround with the tailwind was fast. However, heading back west up the false flat was difficult into the wind for numerous teams as they fought with their bikes, holding their teammates wheel or better yet with each other. This stretch of road favored those who could stomp on the pedals in sync with metronome ticking in their head. Power was most definitely a premium! With a helping hand from Mother Nature, the final run into the finish had the speedometer reading 34+...Nice!  

Fastest time of the day was set by the team of Curtis Bice and Dale Humphrey. They dug deep and stopped the clock at 52.57.58...solid performance gentlemen! You read the course like a children's book! The second fastest time of the day belonged to the team of Jon Lafontant and Fabio Orlandi as both stayed on course and rolled across the line at 53.24.71. Three seconds behind 2nd place and completing the podium with the third fastest time at 53.27.72 was the team of Bob Burke and Brian Akers.

Druber with the uber registration...taking a page form Gina's book. Hey,  Dougie and I did see Mike Zellman (aka "Mr Sram") out on the course riding his Euro-motorcycle. Next time Mike, you gotta either give us time splits or a slipstream to work with.

Bob Burns (73 years young), Mike Burns and Dennis Jurs. Dennis, start times were only a minute late...not bad for MATTS!

Is that the new Lamb Little Racing Castelli team skinsuit and Kestrel road bike? If so, dude where's mine? I want a conference with the head honcho of this team! Where's Oliff Jr when you need him?
Everyone was happy to see Brian Harris. He's back and looking more fit than ever...check out the guns!
Bob, thanks for the awesome TTT! I'm looking forward to the next one in July.
What don't you understand? This is Woodstock son...NO CHIMP SPOKEN HERE!

"Damn it Ben...could you just help me out with the frickn' seatpost." Don't worry'll make it to your bachelor party. At this point, I'm more concerned about your lack of hydration. Where's the cooler?
Meanwhile at the Jaminator's workshop...Tater-Tot is looking pretty tired from playing with the windup toy he found in field after the rain.

Big thanks to the Scarlet Fire Racing Team, Carl Wilkins, Bob Lundberg, Bob Kuttler, Bill Cassidy and Chris for putting together another stellar MATTS' event at Garden Prairie.

For a complete listing of the results, as well as other ABR race results, checkout the Mid America Time Trial Series and American Bicycle Racing websites. Also, don't forget to check out the Mid America Time Trial Series on facebook. If you haven't, you need to.

The next MATTS' event is the  Team Apache 40K TT ("ABR ILLINOIS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TT," MATTS RACE #11)  on Sunday, June 24th, in Paw Paw, IL. Here's the link to register: Get Me Registered. After that...MATTS will take us south to Hersher, Illinois for the Midwest Masters Wolfgang Freitag Memorial 2-Person 50k TTT (MATTS RACE #12) on Sunday, July 8th. Here's the link to register: Get Me Registered.

UPCOMING RACES in Illinois/Wisconsin:
July 8th
July 21st
July 22nd
"ABR Midwest Regional Championship Time Trial"
Quick update about the Stray Kats 20K Barstow TT at Cordova July, 21st. I spoke with Bob Kuttler and found out the following info: The race will start where the 40K TT has in the past, and it will finish close to the 40K TT turnaround. Therefore, it's a one way point to point TT with only one left hand turn. If the winds are out of the south, it's gonna be fast.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Scarlet Fire TTT Results


Speedy results, thanks Carl!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Cordova TT Weekend - Stray Kats Racing

BB...something for the grandchildren!

Stray Kats Racing will be hosting not just one but two MATTS events in Cordova, Illinois the weekend of July 21st and 22nd. The previously postponed Barstow 20K TT will now be held on Saturday, July 21st along with the Dr. Craig Schultz Memorial 40K TT being held the following day, Sunday, July 22nd.

Both races will be held on the same "pan flat" course with the 20K being raced in one direction with no turn around. I like that idea...something different for MATTS! "Mr. Speed" will now have a chance to set the course record for this 20K since he already holds the 40K course record at 52:01.04.

However, between the course description  and course map it's a bit confusing which way they are going to run the race. I'm guessing it will start at the 40K turnaround with the finish line being back in Cordova. How else are you going to make a right turn since there's only one turn on this course? If they do that, how many people will be late for their start time when it's 13 miles from the Cordova Civic Center to the starting line? Especially, when you consider the fact that, the MATTS Officials have been holding people accountable for their late starts this year. I also don't think the promoter is going to want all the racers parking on the side of the road near the start line...that, it will cause an issue.

Saturday, July 21st
Here's the link to register: Get Me Registered

Sunday, July 22nd
 "ABR Midwest Regional Championship Time Trial"
Here's the link to register: Get Me Registered


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 WBR Harvard TT Recap II

Ben-jamin Widoff sent me the results from Harvard that he put in order from fastest to slowest. He also included the amount of time you were behind the fastest rider...thanks Ben!
Race#    Name   Age       Team                  Finish Time Time
85 x Jeff Otto M45 Lamb Little Racing 0:43:09.430 0:00:00
12 x Chris Meewes M1/2/3 Vision Quest 0:43:38.550 0:00:29
83 x Chris Mosora M40 Scarlet Fire 0:45:05.520 0:01:56
73 x Elmer Colyer M55 Brones Bikes 0:45:25.350 0:02:16
18 x Robert Burke M60 Pack Dish Network 0:46:01.160 0:02:52
22 x Reed Oliff M45 Lamb Little Racing 0:46:15.320 0:03:06
53 x Brian Akers M40 Lamb Little Racing 0:46:28.840 0:03:19
177 x Chris Meewes M1/2/3 Vision Quest 0:46:39.910 0:03:30
39 x Daniel Norbeck M50 Vision Quest 0:47:05.930 0:03:56
103 x Tom Doughty M50 Scarlet Fire 0:47:13.050 0:04:04
123 x R.Springer K. Meyers Tandem Team Wheel and Sprocket 0:47:25.400 0:04:16
13 x Doug Peterson M40 0:47:45.900 0:04:36
105 x Jim Host M55 Pact Dish Network 0:47:56.530 0:04:47
125 x Jerzy Trzeciak M50 Plus Cycling 0:48:08.600 0:04:59
2 x Leigh Thompson W1/2/3 Vision Quest 0:48:30.950 0:05:22
27 x Michael Anderson M45 Vision Quest 0:49:00.180 0:05:51
81 x Stacy Mosora W1/2/3 Scarlet Fire 0:49:09.480 0:06:00
24 x Richard Kreutzfeldt M60 Pack Dish Network 0:49:14.260 0:06:05
127 x Fabio Orlandi M55 PYOC 0:49:21.840 0:06:12
28 x Gary Rulo M50 Athletes by Design 0:49:36.190 0:06:27
21 x Vance Scott M4/5 Vision Quest 0:49:49.140 0:06:40
17 x Paul Mehlenbeck M65 BVC / Nomad 0:50:02.940 0:06:54
88 x Jayson Torres M35 Lamb Little Racing 0:50:07.090 0:06:58
63 x James Flechsig M4/5 Athletes by Design 0:50:07.760 0:06:58
95 x Darin Steiner M50 0:50:09.820 0:07:00
93 x James Sneddon M45 Athletes by Design 0:50:27.130 0:07:18
165 x Leigh Thompson W30 Vision Quest 0:51:01.100 0:07:52
19 x Thomas Kramer M55 Village Verdigris 0:51:03.420 0:07:54
37 x Daniel Madsen M60 Athletes by Design 0:51:04.270 0:07:55
16 x Meghan Lapeta W1/2/3 Smart Cycling 0:51:42.670 0:08:33
89 x Jeff Brodek M50 RPM / Hayes Brakes 0:51:44.750 0:08:35
67 x Michael Wakeley M4/5 Team Kenda/Gear Grinder 0:51:52.650 0:08:43
35 x Jon Lafontant M55 PYOC 0:52:24.710 0:09:15
96 x Tom Kalstrup M40 PYOC 0:52:26.900 0:09:17
197 x Robert Burke M1/2/3 Pack Dish Network 0:52:28.810 0:09:19
64 x Ziggy Demel M60 Pack Dish Network 0:52:41.810 0:09:32
26 x Walter Stoops M60 ABD 0:52:42.800 0:09:33
55 x Graham Morrison M4/5 North Branch 0:53:13.810 0:10:04
61 x Jim Wolter M4/5 Unattached 0:53:31.300 0:10:22
163 x Marian Kielar M60 Pact Dish Network 0:53:48.850 0:10:39
68 x Pete Mesner M45 UW Whitewater 0:53:57.360 0:10:48
245 x Michael Anderson M4/5 Vision Quest 0:54:23.760 0:11:14
71 x Deb Colyer W45 Brones Bikes 0:54:35.060 0:11:26
29 x Shawn Uemura W4/5 Unattached 0:54:36.760 0:11:27
66 x Gary Peterson M45 ABD 0:54:38.520 0:11:29
14 x Marie Couris W45 Village Verdigris 0:54:41.480 0:11:32
227 x Vance Scott M45 Vision Quest 0:54:55.030 0:11:46
77 x Dennis Jurs M65 Team Mack 0:55:00.470 0:11:51
161 x Travis Goodlund M40 Unattached 0:55:14.900 0:12:05
69 x Val Fugali W55 Vision Quest 0:55:29.190 0:12:20
75 x Kevin Brown M4/5 Unattached 0:55:34.280 0:12:25
187 x Richard Kreutzfeldt M1/2/3 Pack Dish Network 0:55:45.270 0:12:36
121 x Dena Eaton W1/2/3 Cog 0:55:46.860 0:12:37
189 x Meghan Lapeta Tandem Smart Cycling 0:55:58.410 0:12:49
33 x Bridget Witt W35 Unattached 0:56:15.730 0:13:06
87 x Bizzy Vega W30 Unattached 0:56:24.600 0:13:15
119 x Mitch Pietos M45 Project 5 0:56:36.580 0:13:27
193 x Daniel Madsen M1/2/3 Athletes by Design 0:56:50.000 0:13:41
43 x Jeff Neal M4/5 Unattached 0:57:06.650 0:13:57
221 x Muriel Nagle W50 Mad City Velo 0:57:15.140 0:14:06
185 x James Lund M4/5 Athletes by Design 0:58:09.920 0:15:00
183 x Doug Peterson M1/2/3 0:58:17.920 0:15:08
30 x Kurt Schabel M55 Team Mack 0:59:13.630 0:16:04
107 x Guiober Cuevas M4/5 Unattached 0:59:24.960 0:16:16
111 x David Trotter M50 Athletes by Design 0:59:35.380 0:16:26
60 x Steve Gage M50 ABD 0:59:56.560 0:16:47
62 x Dick Lansing M65 Unattached 1:00:04.790 0:16:55
25 x Gene Nozika M65 Albertos 1:00:11.090 0:17:02
59 x Sal Troia M70 Midwest Masters 1:00:32.140 0:17:23
179 x Bill Lamay M45 Unattached 1:00:50.010 0:17:41
104 x Brad Reid M60 Bloomington Cycle Racing 1:01:45.560 0:18:36
8 x Richard Vichotka M65 Midwest Masters 1:02:17.970 0:19:09
47 x Jen Brokaw W4/5 Unattached 1:04:27.770 0:21:18
23 x Steve Ostrofsky M65 Faster Performance Center 1:04:28.910 0:21:19
7 x Bob Herbert M75 Midwest Masters 1:05:34.070 0:22:25
20 x Andrea Krushefski W4/5 Northwestern University 1:05:40.550 0:22:31
9 x Pat Beam W75 ABD 1:06:23.150 0:23:14
91 x Bradley Sherman M25 Unattached 1:08:09.510 0:25:00
99 x Kyle Kalny M20 North Central College 1:08:35.580 0:25:26
109 x Christy Hoff W50 Midwest Masters 1:08:57.550 0:25:48
3 x Ray Putnam M80 Midwest Masters 1:09:19.170 0:26:10
51 x Victoria McAdams W60 Unattached 1:10:56.770 0:27:47
10 x Gerald Beam M75 ABD 1:13:21.820 0:30:12
6 x John Krehbiel M75 Midwest Masters 1:18:42.760 0:35:33

In the previous Harvard post, I failed to include the winners of their respective they are:

30-34: Bizzy Vega
35-39:  Jason Torres (Lamb Little Racing)
                Bridget Witt
40-44: Christopher Mosora (Scarlet Fire)
                Wendy Gaddey (Albertos)
45-49: Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing)
                Deb Colyer (Brones Bikes)
50-54: Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest)
                Murial Nagle (Mad City Velo)        
55-59: Elmer Colyer (Brones Bikes)
                Diane Roanhaus (Midwest Masters)
60-64: Bob Burke (PACT Dish Network)
65-69: Paul Mehlenbeck (BVC/Nomad)
70-74: Bob Burns (Team Mack)
75-79:  Sal Troia (Midwest Masters)
                  Patricia Beam (ABD)
80+: Ray Putnam ( Midwest Masters)
CAT 1/2/3: Chris Meewes (Vision Quest)
                          Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest)
CAT 4/5: Vance Scott (Vision Quest)
                       Shawn Uemura