Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 ABD Indoor Time Trial #3 Recap

On Saturday March 20th, the Chicagoland, indoor time trial faithful took to Winfield Middle School for the final battle in the Man VS. Machine saga. With prevailing winds and snow falling outside, riders would not be deterred from racing on this day. After all, they were racing inside. ABD Cycling saved the best racing for last treating riders to a 9K uphill climb. The term “splitting paper” would describe the men’s competition on this day. A whopping 14 seconds separated the top three finishers on the men's overall podium. Ryan Freund (ABD) pushed the button on the competition, taming the course in a stellar 14:09 for first place honors. Not backing down to any ole gun fight or a Howitzer for that matter, indoor time trial behemoths Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing) 14:16, and Mark Swartzendrubber (Verizon Wireless) 14:23, made it a heck of battle placing second and third respectively. On the ladies side, the cream rose to the top with Jessica Prinner (ABD) annihilating the hill in 15:56, followed by local women’s standout Kristen Meshberg (Flatlandia) 16:20, for second, and  new up and comer Stacey Appelwick (Bouledogue Tout Noir) 16:26, for third. Other MATTS notables turning in good times on this day were: Peter Allen (XXX Athletico), Rob Jungles (ABD), Curtis Bice (ABD), Mike Jones (PACT), Dan Verner (PACT), Jim Rose (Village Cycle Sport), Richard Kryszak (South Side Wheelmen), Jayson Torres (Lamb Little Racing), Patricia Beam (ABD), and Peter Alexander (Midwest Masters).

After three indoor events, overall times have been calculated for all riders in each category. With many riders separated by mere seconds, scores will be settled on the road John Fraser Memorial style! For those of you who do not follow time trials, the John Fraser Memorial is the first outdoor time trial of the season this side of the Mississippi. In year's past, “the Fraser” has been as unpredictable as the spring weather that comes with it. Racers have been treated to temps as low as the mid 20’s to highs in the upper 70’s. Three years back, a wind gust blew a rider using a rear disc off the road. Last year, the race was postponed and moved to a later date due to projected high winds. Who will tame this ole rattle snake this year is anyone’s guess. Ted Binion’s Vegas odds makers have the race playing out this way…Mark Swartzendrubber (2-1); Charles Gerlach (5-1); Mike Jones (20-1), and Dan Verner (30-1). On the ladies side: Jessie Prinner (2-1); Stacy Appelwick (5-2); Kimberly Galdini (20-1), and Kristen Meshberg (30-1).

Another indoor season is in the books, and this means for many of us lots of hours in the saddle outside. Say good bye to the indoor trainer!  Hallelujah!  For those of you who have been invited to the ABD Invitational this weekend, good luck! They are handing out some nice giveaways at this event. Otherwise, see you at the John Fraser on April 11th! For further details on the John Fraser Memorial Time Trial see:  In order to keep the John Fraser in Maple Park for years to come, please be polite to our guest, and follow parking rules and good etiquette. Happy Training!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Vision Quest Indoor Time Trial Recap

This past Saturday the man verses CompuTrainer Wild West Show found itself smack dab in the middle of Highland Park, Illinois for the Vision Quest Tour De France Indoor TT. This episode stared the likes of Robbie Ventura and his Vision Quest Squad. Notable MATTS riders who made guest appearances where Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing); Dan Verner (PACT); Mike Jones (PACT); Dan Madsen (ABD); Stacy Applewick (Bouledogue Tout Noir); Bob Marshall (ABD); Pat Beam (ABD); and Gerald Beam (Turin). Cameo appearances were made by Brian Akers (Lamb Little Racing) and Debbie Dust (PACT) who took in the action from the sidelines.

Once racers got saddled up and calibrated, they were treated to an extreme uphill start followed by more terrain, speed, and gear changes than a super crit on a hot Sunday afternoon. The racing was brisk, and the atmosphere was fun. Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing), rode the longest distance over the 30 minute Tour De France Stage with a stellar 12.3 miles followed by Dan Verner (PACT), riding 12.2 miles, with Michael Jones (PACT), rounding off the men’s podium riding a distance of 11.9 miles. On the women’s side, Stacy Appelwick (Bouledogue Tout Noir), ripped the course riding 10.7 miles, followed by Erin Finnegan riding 10.3 miles, and Kim Brokhof completing the women’s podium riding 10.02 miles over 30 minutes.

A big thanks goes out to Robbie Ventura and his Vision Quest Team for putting on a such great, well run event. For this author, the Vision Quest time trial was the toughest indoor challenge to date. The next time trial in the Mid America Time Trial Series brings us back to where it all started:  another burner in Winfield, Illinois on March 20th.  This time, the machine will challenge riders to a 9k hill climb.  See you at the next event.  Happy training.