Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Scarlet Fire 2-Person TTT Recap

Scarletfire Racing’s 2-person TTT marked the fourth stage on the Mid America Time Trial Series outdoor tour. While it was Mother’s Day, the race still produced a great turnout. I heard one racer say “I do not care what day it is. If there is a race, I am there!” Yah, that is what you ex-wife said. Anyways, back to the story. The weather was awesome, the roads were mostly smooth, and Mark Swartzendruber and Co. did a stellar job putting on another excellent MATTS event.

As my crew and I pulled into the parking lot for this race, we saw a guy sporting a Cubs hat and aviator sunglasses. Hey, who is that dude, I thought? Oh, it was Mark Swartzendruber of course. He traded in his spandex for race director duties for the day. In fact, most of Scarletfire Racing’s squad traded in their racing kits for the day to help out in the corners

Garden Prairie has gone from a touch and go pavement operation of the past to a time trial with some very nice, smooth roads.  This year's race featured new pavement over 1/2 half of the course, with good older pavement and a 1/4 mile section that needed some patch work.  Riders faced heavy head and crosswinds on the way out to the turnaround with smooth sailing on the way home (speeds reaching close to 40 miles per hour in some sections). A small section of patched potholes just before the bridge on the way to the finish, and it was a wrap.

Charles Gerlach and Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing) rode the best time of the day, followed by Fabio “the Legend” Orlandi and Brian Harris (PYOC /Scarletfire Racing). Rob Jungles and Curtis Bice (ABD) rounded the men’s podium with a 52:14.

On the women’s side, Kelly Richter and Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest) rode a stellar 55:10 to take the women’s TTT title. Shirley Crocker and Arietta Clauss (Brazen Dropouts /Mad City) rode a 56:56 for second place.  Candy Chintis and Francine Haas (Abertos) rode a 1:01.14 for third place honors.

Other notable teams who rode excellent times on this day were: Mike Heagney and John Angelatos (Vision Quest), Russ Kuryk and Jason Knaff (Iron Cycles /Burham Racing), Ryan Fay and Jeremy Anderson (XxX), Jerzy Trzeciak and Stanley Trzeciak (PLUS), Alain Villeneuve and Edward Gradient (Well Fit Elite III), Mark Serafin and Doug Peterson (Lamb Little Racing), Tom Kalstrup and Nels Hackl (PYOC/RRB), Darin Steiner and Don Lowe (Team Mack), Bob Burke and Ziggy Demel (PACT Dish-Network), Bob Burke and Terry Martin (PACT Dish-Network / Team IE), Richard Kreutzfeldt and Dave Goetzinger (PACT Dish-Network / Big Ring Flyers), Max Hall and Gina Johnson (Village-Verdigris), Kyle Mindick and Ben O’Malley (XxX), and Elise Kikis and Wendy Gaddey (Albertos).

Thanks goes out to Scarletfire Racing team members Mark Swartzendruber, Michael Zellmann, Chris Mosora, Tom Doughty, Brian Harris, and Ian Lochridge (with help from Stacy Applewick (ABD)) for putting on another great MATTS event.

Lastly, there have been some whispers in the peleton of a new team forming in the Chicago cycling ranks. From what I hear, Jerzy Trzeciak, his brother Stanley Trzeciak, and fomer pro cyclist Krys Wiatr are starting a new team called PLUS made up of Polish, American riders. The team’s philosophy is racing competitively while having fun without drama or politics. I wish them success with their new endeavor.

For those of you who are looking for a time trial this weekend, you are in luck.  This Barstow 20k is a bit of a haul and well worth the drive.  This is the flatest 20k course in the Tri-State area.  The flyer and on-line registration went up last week.  The race is a ROTY, TOI/W event.  Race start is 9:00 a.m. 

Registration is available on-line at: 

You can view the race flyer at:

That’s a wrap-DP

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Single Bong 20k Results Recap

O.K  Chicago area time trial freaks, the wait is finally over.  In this addition of Time Trial Track Chicago, I will be reporting on the Bong 20k.  The Single Bong was held on May 1st with a great turnout.  The weather was crisp, and the winds again were the star attraction of the show with gusts out of the Northwest at 20-30 miles per hour. 
The usual suspects and teams showed up in Kansasville for stage number 3 on the Mid-America Time Trial Series outdoor season.  Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing) posted the two fastest  two times of the day.  His first time of 25:24 was stellar enough.  Jeff then went out in heavy winds and posted the second fastest time of the day with a 25:46! Take that to the bank Time Trial Track faithful!  Not to be undone or underestimated, Mark Swartzendrubber (Scarletfire Racing), who is slowly reaving up his jet engine program of his own, posted the third fastest time of the day with a time of 25:56.  Mr. Consistency, Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing) was 4th with a time of 26:18.  Rounding the podium was new up and comer to the elite TT ranks, Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racing) with a time of 26:21.
On the Ladies side, Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest) was the winner with a 29:26.  Shirley Crocker (Brazen Dropouts) was second with a 31:36, and Wendy Gaddey (Albertos) was third with a time of 32:30.
Other riders posting excellent times at Bong were:  Curtis Bice (ABD), Brian Harris (Scarletfire Racing), Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor-Finer Finish),  Joe Berenyi (PSIMET), Robert Burke (PACT), Jerzy Trzeciak (PLUS), Mike Wolfgram (Gear Grinder), Kevin Stephens (Project 5),  Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest), Don Lowe (Team Mack), Doug Peterson (Lamb Little Racing), Richard Adamczyk (Midwest Masters), Marek Serafin (Lamb Little Racing),  Micahel Redlich Jr. (ABD),  Angela Rochester (Albertos),  Marie Couris (Albertos), Elise Kikis (Albertos), Glenda Sunberg (Fitness Pursuit), Diane Roanhaus (Midwest Masters), Ann Mattson (Freeport Bicycle Co.), Lynn Rivier (Albertos), and Pat Beam (ABD).
In the Team Competition, on the men’s side, Lamb Little Racing (by category) took the most podiums, followed by Vision Quest, Scarletfire Racing, and PACT-Dish-Network.  On the women’s side, Albertos was the class of the field followed by Vision Quest, and Fitness Pursuit.
Thanks goes out to Carl Wilkins and his niece, Gina for hosting another stellar event.  I would be remiss not to thank Bob Lundberg, the timer on the day, for not screwing up the 30 second starts.  Bob, you made it look easy!  Last but not least, the series could not run like a well oiled machine without the services of Bill Cassidy at the timer's table.  Results and report for Scarletfire 2-Person TTT will be up shortly.  The next MATTS outdoor event will be held in Harvard on 6/11.  Information on the Harvard 33.3K can be viewed at:
Online registration is available for this event at:
See you at the next race!

Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Cherry Valley 30k Recap

Stage #2 of the MATTS outdoor season brought us to Cherry Valley, Illinois for the Big Ring Flyers, Freeport Bicycle Club 30k. The conditions were again interesting to say the least with 40 degree temps and winds out of the Northwest clocking at upwards of 20+ mph. Oh, and throw in a few unexpected trains coming through, and you have an early season time trial!

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, riders faced fierce side winds for the majority of the race. At the finish line, Ziggy Demel’s demeanor said it all. In a slightly disoriented state, Demel, of PACT-Dish Network said, “These are the worst conditions I have ever experienced!” Others came over the finish line using adjectives like heinous, tough, crazy, and ridiculous to describe their day.

While some let the conditions meld into their psyches’, others had different plans. The usual suspects JonathanToftoy (Synergy), Chris Mosora (Scarletfire Racing), Reed “Speed” Oliff (Lamb Little Racing), Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest), Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor-Fitness Finish), and Brian Harris (Scarletfire Racing)where the podium finishers on the men’s side. Shirley Crocker (Freeport Bicycle Club), Mimi Fagan (Big Ring Flyers), Diane Roanhaus (Team RVO), and Ann Mattson (Freeport Bicycle Club) rounded the podium on the women’s side.

Some other desperadoes that the 20 something racing crowd would not want to play with or risk shattered egos on this day were guys like Bob Burke and James Host of PACT-Dish Network who are just incredibility tenacious racers. Throw in the mix of “The Legend,” Fabio Orlandi (PYOC), “The Man from Crystal Lake”, Dan Madsen (ABD), and the former king of the series, Ken Roanhaus (Midwest Masters), and you’ve got some serious horsepower on your hands! If I were the former player caught betting on baseball, I would have these guys on my betting sheets everyday of the week!

Other racers turning in good times on this day were: Jerry Trzeciak (Polish Mafia Racing), MikeWolfgram (Gear Grinder), Dan Dotson (W2 Racing / Freeport BC), Mike Redlich Jr. (ABD), Michael Norton (JVC), Gene Nozicka (Alberto’s), Richard Kreutzfeldt (PACT-Dish Network), Jack Patterson (Midwest Masters), Marek Serafin (Lamb Little Racing), Ellen Daroga (Big Ring Flyers), Don Lowe (Team Mack), Karen Drennan (Team Kenda), Ziggy Demel (PACT-Dish Network), Doug Peterson (Lamb Little Racing), Pat Beam (ABD), and Rich Vichotka (Midwest Masters).

Thanks goes out to Rick Green, Big Ring Flyers, and the Freeport Cycling Club for putting on this great event! Rick and his team did an excellent job! The race has received a lot of positive compliments!

MATTS Outdoor Stage #3 takes us to the legendary Bong course. For those of you who do not know, in the 1950’s this area was slated for a U.S. Air Force base named after local World War II Ace Richard I. Bong. The base was partially built before it was deemed obsolete and abandoned to make way for the recreation area it is today and of course the best time trailing roads in the area. See you 5/1! Please check out this site for more information:'s_Flyer_2011v2.pdf

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 MATTS JFMTT Recap

After braving another brutal Chicago winter locked into our trainers, the 2011 time trial season began last Sunday with the kick off the John Fraser Memorial Time Trial. In Chicagoland, we call spring the duel between winter and summer. The kicker is that on some days not even the Vegas odds makers can make any sense of our weather. To the delight of the athletes participating in Sunday’s event, the temperatures were in the 80’s with sunny skies. The thermals kicked up the winds, and some with discs thought they had signed on for a Lake Michigan sailing expedition. Get this; some even claimed their discs were creating negative drag.

Anyways, back to the race. Riders fought wind, terrain, and a few choice turnarounds to complete the Mid America Time Trial Series Prologue. On the men's side, Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing) scorched the course with a 19:48. Ryan Freund (ABD) and Bryce Meade (ABD) were second and third respectively, just breaking the 20 minute mark.  On the women’s side, the wickedly, fast Stacey Appelwick (ABD) turned in the fastest women’s time of the day with a 22:07, followed by Jennifer Harrison (unattached), and Ann Matteson (Freeport Bicycle Co.) to round the podium.

Other interesting developments on this day were Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing) and James Host (PACT) taking home dual titles in the 30+, 40+, 50+ and 55+. You would think these two desperadoes won the Grand Prize Game on Bozo Show or something. Both men each walked away with two brand new top of the line indoor trainers for their efforts. Charles asked me to help him take one of these trainers to his car. When I went to put it in my car, he said, “Not your car, over here, my car!” Well, I tried anyway. In the 30+, an anomaly of sorts also occurred with Lamb Little Racing capturing the top four places (Otto, Gerlach, Oliff, Peterson).

Other series regulars turning in fast times on this day were: Curtis Bice (ABD), Jack Arnold (North Branch), Joe Berenyi (PSIMET), Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racing), Bob Burke (PACT), Brian Harris (Scarlet Fire / Verizon), Mark Serafin (Lamb Little Racing), Dan Madsen (ABD), John Westergaard (Magnetrol), Jerry Trzeciak (Polish Gangsta Cycling), Stan Trzeciak (Polish Gangsta Cycling), Rob Jungles (ABD), Andrew Tschampa (PACT), Ziggy Demel (PACT), Richard Kruetzfelt, (PACT), Don Lowe (Team Mack), Richard Adamczyk (Midwest Masters), Mimi Fagan (Big Ring Flyers), and Patricia Beam (ABD).

It is too bad that we do not have a team award for the best overall team in MATTS. Right now, it looks like Lamb Little, PACT, ABD and Scarletfire / Verizon Racing are posting some impressive times and taking many of the top spots in the series. Well, being that I am the MATTS Coordinator, this may be something I may have to look into for a possible surprise award at the end of the season. For those of you who do not know, besides handing out trophies, we will be raffling a Leader TT frame at the 2011 awards banquet.

Lastly, I hope to be more consistent in my reporting this season. My teammate, Mark Serafin, was really upset that I neglected my blog last summer. He said he is going to keep me honest this season. With the physique and cunning of a juice loan collector, what else was I suppose to say to him?  "Mark, I will do my best to keep my blog updated for 2011. Please don’t break my knees!"

I wish everyone a fun and safe season. My condolences go out to Mike Jones (PACT) who has just had some plain bad luck with city traffic. Just when we thought he was back, another 3,000 pound projectile (aka an automobile) took him out again. Heal up Mike. We all miss you at the races!

Next Race:  Cherry Valley 30K  Sunday April 17th.  See this link for race details: