Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 MATTS Bryce Master 20K TT Results and Recap

Brian Akers, WDT Allvoi pumping the pedals in Harvard Saturday

Harvard, Illinois was the site of the Bryce Master 20k TT this past Saturday. For those of you keeping score, this was the 15th installment in the MATTS racing series. The usual suspects showed up to wrangle with fast, flat country roads and agonizing headwinds to post some of the fastest 20K times of the year. Going out, riders fought 25-30 mile per headwinds only to be rewarded by pushing the 54-11 (riding at speeds in excess of 30+ miles per hour) on the return trip home.

Jeff Otto (unattached) rode the fastest time of the day rolling the course in 24:52. Christian Giego (Brones RVCC) was second with a 26:21; and Mr. Brian Harris (PYOC), one of the most consistent and fastest riders on the MATTS circuit blistered the course for the third fastest men's time with a 26:26. Other notables on the men's side were Mike Jones (PACT) 26:53; Reed Oliff (unattached) 27:02; Jim Kombol (Vision Quest) 27:56; Derric Ungaro (WDT Allvoi) 26:57; Brain Akers (WDT Allvoi) 27:15; Curtis Bice (ABD) 27:16; Peter Allen (XxX) 27:19; Charles Gerlach (unattached) 26:50; Morgan Wiswall (Wheel & Sprocket) 27:15; Michael Stevens (Team Mack) 26:54; Charlie Thalheimer (Verdigris) 28:32; Dan Madsen (ABD) 27:40; Robert Burke (PACT) 28:35; Ken Rounhaus (Team RVO) 28:42; Gene Nozicka (Albertos) 30:46; Gary McGovern (Midwest Masters) 36:21; Bob Herbert (Midwest Masters) 36:25 Robert Burns (Team Mack) 31:18; and rounding out the field, 80 year old Ray Putman (Midwest Masters) with a 38:37.

On the ladies side, none other than Debbie Dust (PACT) rode the fastest women's time of the day with a 28:52. Diane Roanhaus (Team RVO) was second, blazing the course in a time of 30:37. Agnieszka Motyka (ABD) took home the bronze with a time of 31:17. Other notables on the woman's side were Shawn Uemura (Northbanch) 32:18; Bizzy Vega (unattached) 33:48; Rose Nguyen (unattached) 36:19; Gladys Aguirre (Kenosha Racing BC) 36;31; Joy Houser (ABD) 37:54; Christy Hoff (Midwest Masters) 38:28; Melissa Andrews (unattached) 38:34; Dena Kneisl (unattached) 38:38; Nancy Beck (Midwest Masters) 43:25; and Audrey Fleshing (unattached) 43:57. Please go to http://www.ambikerace/ for full results.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Harvard this past weekend. Coming up this Sunday 8/9 is the Double Bong 40K TT in Kanasville, Wisconsin. Please go to http://www.ambikerace/ for race details. If you are curious to know why this course is named Double Bong, well... I am sorry to inform you that it is not what you may be thinking. The race is actually held near the Richard Bong State Recreation Area in Kenosha County. Richard Bong was the highest scoring air ace in World War II, and the area that is now a State Park was to be commissioned as the Bong U.S. Airforce Base which never materialized. Anyway, just a tidbit of information. Sorry to disappoint any of you who thought otherwise. See you at the races!

2009 MATTS Sub Hour 40K Club-Updated (8/4)

Mark Swartzendruber (Verizon)
Chris Mosora (Verizon)*
Mike Jones (PACT)
Brian Harris (PYOC)
Brian Akers (WDT/Allvoi)
Curtis Bice (ABD)
Peter Allen (XxX)
Ron Matteson (Freeport Bicycles)
Jim Uemura (Unattached)
Daniel Madsen (ABD)
David Irion (Endure It)
Daniel Dodson (North Branch)
Rob Jungels (ABD)
James Sneddon (ABD)
Kieth Vogel (Unattached)
Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest)
Peter Allen (XXX)
Luke Taggart (Wild Card Racing)
Doug Peterson (WDT/ Allvoi)
Eric Gauthier (Multisport Madness)
Thomas Altemus (RVO)
Ken Roanhaus (RVO)
Darin Steiner (RVO)
Loch Miwa (Flatlandia)
Michael Stodden (North Branch)
Debbie Dust (PACT)
* Denotes ridden on a single speed