Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Single Bong 20K Recap

Sometimes you have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em… well at least those were the words I heard in a country song while heading up to the Bong 20K TT this past weekend. Some riders decided to gamble with me and make the trip to Kanasville to tempt fate and weather the storm. Other riders took a more laxidasical approach in favor of a  hot cup of coco in front of a picturesque fire in the comfort of their own homes.

As time trialists, we are a bit of an odd bunch in that to excel in this cycling discipline we must have a good relationship with Pain. We cannot just go on the Dr. Phil Show and obtain the latest and greatest psychological remedy because we have a dysfunctional relationship with Pain. Staying home because of adverse weather is not in our nature, and the Bong 20k brought plenty of it. The race featured damp, cold 50 degree weather with a nice tailwind going out to the second turn. Following the second turn, riders met a slight crosswind that slowly turned into a swirling headwind on the finishing stretch. This monstrosity of a wind brought some riders to the brink on the finishing stretch.
This week featured some new, regular faces to hit the leader board this season. Charles “Gerlacher” Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing) took top honors on the men’s side of the competition torching the course in 26:55, nipping Kevin Pomasl (Team Wisconsin MC2) for second place with a time of 26:58. Curtis Bice (ABD), finally broke his own “twenty-eight minute curse”, completing the podium with a time of 27:08. On the ladies side, Debbie Dust (PACT-Dish Network) yet again took first place honors, ripping the course in 28:56. Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest) was second, riding a 29:54. Arrietta Clauss (Mad City) completed the women’s overall podium with a time of 30:17.

Other MATTS riders turning in excellent times on this day were: Bob Burke (PACT-Dish Network), Dan Madsen (ABD), Daniel Norbeck (Vision Quest), Brain Harris (Scarletfire/Verizon Racing), Peter Allen (XXX Athletico), Francine Hass (Alberto’s), Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racing), Mike Jones (PACT-Dish Network), Kevin Stephens (Project 5 Racing), Vitor Alexandre (Coltivita-Chicagoland), James Flechsig (ABD), Richard Adamczyk (Midwest Masters), Tristen Petsch-Horvarth (Team Mack), David Goetzinger (Rock River Oil), Gene Nozicka (Alberto’s), Stephen Miwa (South Chicago Wheelmen), Marilyn Powell (ABD), Pat Beam (ABD), and Peter Alexander (Midwest Masters).

Race results and pictures of this event have been posted on the ABR website.  Thanks goes out to Greg Bond for taking excellent photos of this event.  The next race on the MATTS schedule takes riders to Garden Prairie, Illinois for the Scarletfire / Verizon 2-person 40k on May 8th. On-line registration is available for this event. Links to Bong 20k results, pictures, and Scarletfire / Verizon 2-person TT race information are listed below. Happy Training!

Note:  Photo top is of Doug Peterson (Lamb Little Racing) and Vitor Alexandre (Coltivita-Chicagoland) racing back and forth for position.  Photo was taken by Greg Bond. Photo center left is of Bob Marshall (ABD) warming up for his race. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Cherry Valley 30k TT Recap

Get out the shock therapy pads. No, we aren't talking about Sigmund Freud here.  We are talking about the Cherry Valley 30K TT that took place this past weekend! Why shock therapy, you ask? Well, riders in the MATTS series went from fighting a 10 pound monkey a week prior to fighting an 18 pound gorilla this past weekend.

Cherry Valley is a fairly challenging, early season course with a choice mix of hills, flats, winds, and rough terrain. Riders put it into supersonic cruise in the tailwind on the way out to the turn around and met the wall of pain on the way back to the finish line.

On this day, the usual suspects ripped the course. However, the real story of this season has been the entire PACT-Dish Network Team. Debbie Dust has come out of the box completely on fire this year mixing it up with some of the best time trialists in the area. Her off-season diet of serious winter training has paid her huge dividends in the power band department. She rode an impressive 45:48 over 30K this past weekend besting the second fastest woman by over three minutes.  Then, there is the formidable Bob Burke. We knew this cat could ride fast last year, but wow, this dude has found some serious inspiration this season rocking Cherry Valley in 43:13.  Betting on Mike Jones was easy money at any horse racing track.  He turned in a finishing time of 42:43 for the second fastest men's time of the day. Former 2009 Man vs. Machine Champ, Dan Verner, showed he could whip the indoor machine and race on the outdoor machine with the best of them, riding a 44:25. Mark Serafin aka “The Polish Jet”, coming off of two years of setbacks due to back surgery, rode an impressive 44:32, placing third in the Cat 3 ranks. Other notable PACT-Dish Network riders who turned in excellent times at Cherry Valley were James Host (44:32), Mariusz Klus, and (46:31), Richard Kreutzfeldt (46:32).

The next race in the Mid America Time Trial Series is the” half baked”, Bong 20k which will be held on Sunday April 25 in Kanasville, Wisconsin. Riders can pre-register for this race on-line. Registration and race information are contained in the links listed below:

Please note that if you are looking for a partner for the 2-person Scarletfire Racing / Verizon Time Trial held on May 8th, please contact Bob Lundberg at abrlund@aol.com    Cherry Valley 30k results will be posted on http://www.ambikerace.com when they are made available.

Note:  Picture (top) Debbie Dust (PACT-Dish Network) winner of the Cherry Valley 30K Women's Open Division.  Picture (middle right) Ziggy Demel (PACT-Dish Network). 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 John Fraser Memorial Recap

This past Sunday, racers flocked to the 9th annual John Fraser Memorial Time Trial. As the wind blows, so John Fraser goes. This race very well could be the best mini Paris Roubaix time trial in the Midwest. The weather is always a factor, and after a winter freeze, the roads have their fair share of obstacles as well. On this day, 13-15 mph headwinds punished riders on their outward excursion. Tailwinds on the home stretch made for drag strip like conditions as riders pushed their way to the finishline.

This Wild West affair featured some the most feared and revered gunslingers in these parts. There was Bryce Mead (Texas Roadhouse) and Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing), Jeff Otto (RVCC), and Mark Swartzendrubber (Scarletfire Racing), Debbie Dust (PACT) and Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest), Jim Host (PACT) and Dan Madsen (ABD), Chris Misora (Scarletfire Racing) and Dave Polin (WDT), Pat Beam (ABD) and Robert Beck (Midwest Masters), and the list goes on.

In the end, the last men standing were Jeff Otto (20:10), Bryce Mead (20:14), and Mark Swartzendrubber (20:33). On the ladies side, Debbie Dust (22:40), had the best hand, followed by Leigh Thompson (22:42), and Connie Inks (23:38), who made it a heck of a gun fight.

The JFM rock and chip affair also decided the 2010 ABD Time Trial Series overall champions. Winners in each category received a Cyclops Trainer. Wow, not too shabby for first prize. Congratulations goes out to all the riders who participated in the series. The best of the best are as follows: Cat 1/2 Tomaz Boba (WDT); Cat 3 Curtis Bice (ABD); Cat 4 Joe Bernyi (PSI Net); AM30+ Mark Swartzendrubber (Scarletfire Racing); AM40+ Charles Gerlach (Lamb Little Racing); AM50+ Michael Jones (PACT); AM55+ Dan Madsen (ABD); AM60+ Richard Adamczyk (Midwest Masters); AM65+ Lawrence Huey (Unattached); AM70+ Peter Alexander (Midwest Masters); AM75+ Gerald Beam (Turin); AWO Jessie Prinner (ABD); AW4 Stacey Appelwick (Bouledogue Tout Nior); AW40+ Connie Inks (Unattached); AW50+ Ann Matteson (Freeport Bicycle Co.); AW60+ Nancy Beck (Midwest Masters); AW70+ Pat Beam (ABD).

This 2010 JFM also marked the first time the Mid America Time Trial Series ran a live race feed via the internet from the results table. Athletes at the event and family and friends logged onto the internet could access finish times in real time. This also allowed for any timing disputes to be handled and corrected at the race event exponentially. A big thanks goes out to Gina Wilkins for designing the timing program and to Mike Ebert (ABD) for providing the live internet feed via Verizon Wireless.

The next (MATTS) race on the docket is the Cherry Valley 30k presented by Rock River Oil and the Freeport Bicycling Company on 4/18. Last year, it rained cats and dogs at this event. This year, we are praying for great weather! On-line registration is now open for this event. For further race and on-line registration details, please follow the links below:

Lastly, if anyone needs a partner for the  Scarletfire / Verizon 2-person TT coming up May 8th, please let me know.  MATTS regular Rich Kryszak, a member of the South ChicagoWheelmen, is looking for a partner in the 50+ category for this race. 

Note: Picture is of Charles Gerlach of Lamb Little Racing who won the overall 40+ title in the 2010 ABD Time Trial Series. Photo was taken by Bill Cassidy, ABR Official