Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Cordova 40k TT Results and Recap

On Sunday July 19th, many of the TT Chicagoland faithful made the three hour trek to the tiny little town of Cordova, Ilinois along the Illinois-Iowa border to make some noise at the 7th Annual Dr. Craig C. Schultz Memorial 40k. This was somewhat of a tricky town to get to as Route 84 is well camouflaged amongst the city streets in Port Byron, Illinois. This caused many of us to miss this turn as we traveled to and from the race. I am confident that Port Bryon does this intentionally so outsiders will get lost and buy fresh bread from the little old lady on the corner. There really was a fresh bread stand in town. Not sure about the old lady, but it just makes for good story telling.

OK, back to the race. The weather was a bit on the cool side with temperatures hovering in the mid 60's by start time. A solid Westerly wind (as evidence of an American flag blowing near the start) was also cooking up some antics of its own.

There were three riders who broke the old course record of 54:20. One of these riders was none other than Aurora local Chris Mosora (Verizon) who rode a 54:15 for the third fastest men's time of the day on a single speed, fixed gear bike! Talk about fast, this guy looked like he was riding a motorcycle! Way to go Chris! Debbie Dust (PACT) 102:09 rode the second fastest women's time of the day followed by none other than Diane Roanhaus (RVO) 103:53 who finished third on the women's podium. Awesome job ladies!

Other notables from the area were Brian Harris (PYOC) 54:26; Mike Jones (PACT) 55:13; Brian Akers (WDT) 56:48; Peter Allen (XxX) 56:51; Dan Madsen (ABD) 57:04; David Irion (Endure It) 57:40; Ron Madsen (Freeport Bicycles) 58:53; Ken Roanhaus (RVO) 59:08; James Snedden (ABD) 59:08; Loch Miwa (Flatlandia) 59:09; Doug Peterson (WDT) 59:53; Don Lowe (Mack) 1:00:00; Rob Jungles (ABD) 1:00:13; Bob Marshall (ABD) 1:01:52; Stephen Miwa (South Chicago Wheelmen) 1:07:35; Nancy Haymann (Albertos) 108:37; Marilyn Powell (ABD) 1:11:39; and rounding out the best in the area was Stacy Appelwick (Endure It) with a 1:14:14. Great job to all the riders who made the journey. Complete results will be posted on and

A special thanks goes out to the race promoter Donnie Miller (DICE) and the folks in Cordova who allowed us to use their Park and Township Civic Center to stage the race. Donnie is unique in that he knows many racers by first name, and he really goes the extra mile to put on a first class event each year! Thank you!

Next up.... Allvoi Cup #2 pursuit results and sub hour club additions.

2009 Druber's 40K Time Trial Challenge

Beat this guy??
Beat Mark Schwartzendruber in a time trial you say? Well, here is your chance! On August 23rd, Mark and his Scarlet Fire Racing Team will be putting on "The Drubber 40K Challenge " sponsored by Verizon Wireless in downstate, Tolono, Illinois. Ride and race on the roads that Druber uses as his training grounds. Anyone beating Drubber's time wins $50.00 bucks in cold hard cash!

The race also features a "Naked" time trial category. This category is really not for the faint of heart. It refers to doing a time trial on a stripped down, standard road racing machine. Maximum rim depth is 40mm and a minimum of 28 spokes per wheel will be allowed. Riders signing up for this category must wear standard helmets. No "shark fins" or aero bars will be allowed. Any male going under 59 minutes in this category gets $50.00. Any female besting 1:04:00 gets $50. Prize money will be payed out in each category. See the race flyer links below for further details :
On-line registration has opened and closes August 20 12:00 a.m. on Mail in registration is also available. See flyer for details. Start times will be e-mailed to all riders who provide a valid e-mail address on August 21st. Race registration opens 7:30 a.m. sharp the day of the race. The race location is 1035 County Road 600 N, Tolono, IL 61880.

Come on everyone from Chicagoland, lets go down and show some support for this race!! This is a very unique race, and Mark is a very cool guy. Mark is not only one of the fastest elite masters riders in the country, but he is also very involved in the cycling community and writes a great column each month on the happenings in cycling at See you all there August 23rd for the showdown at the O.K. Corral in Tolono, Illinois. Should be a good one!

Coming Tuesday-Cordova 40TT Race Results and Recap!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Wolfgang Freitag Memorial 2-P 50K TTT

Bob Marshall and Rob Jungles (ABD)
"Putting it down" in the 2-Person TT

The Wolfgang Freitag Memorial two person TT was the 13th race on the MATTS 2009 schedule and racers could not ask for better weather. Highs in the low 80's and manageable winds made for a great day of racing. Thanks goes out to Bob Beck and his wife Nancy, along with the community of Herscher, Illinois for putting on a well organized, stellar event! This year, the county was going to do road construction on part of the course; however, the people of Herscher had other plans. They lobbied the county to wait an additional week to allow the race to go on.

The race featured a visit from two local pros, Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefits) and Bryce Meade (Jelly Belly). These guys blistered the course in 1:03:23 for the fastest time of the day. The fastest elite amateur men's time of the day was turned in by none other than the usual suspects in this category, "The Doctor of Speed", Mike Jones (PACT) and "The Man with a the Motor", Josh Mallan (PACT) who ripped the course in 1:08:12. Brian Harris (PYOC) and Ted Westerhiede (PACT) were a close second turning in a "raw" time of 1:08:30. Dave Polin (WDT) and Reed Oliff (WDT) were third dispensing the course in a time of 1:09:09.

On the ladies side, Ginger Sides (Project 5) and Pascale Petro (Project 5) turned in a great time of 1:22:04 to take the overall crown in the women's elite division. Angela Koch (Vision Quest) and Lee Elise (Vision Quest) were second turning in an excellent time of 1:24:36. Mayilyn Powell (ABD) and Kathy Cobert (MMCT) were third covering the course in 1:25:06.

Other notables were Frank Sondag (Vision Quest) and Clemens Kyllmann (Vision Quest) 1:09:31; Derric Ungaro (WDT) and Doug Peterson (WDT) 1:10:20; Brian Akers (WDT) and James Snedden (ABD) 1:10:46; Dan Norbert (Vision Quest) and Stan Watkins (Vision Quest) 1:10:46; Don Lowe (Mack) and Niel Thomas (Mack) 1:11:27; Dan Madsen (ABD) and Bob Burke (PACT) 1:13:00; Bob Burns (Mack) and Gene Nozicka (Albertos) 1:19:11; Bob Beck (MMCT) and Peter Alexander (MMCT) 1:28:41; Mia Aigotti (Vision Quest) and Kim Schubeck (Vision Quest) 1:25:07; and Pat Beam (RVO) and Kay Childress (RVO) 1:39:07. These results reflect a snapshot of times across all ability levels and age categories. Complete results can be viewed at

Again, a big thanks goes out to Bob and Nancy Beck, the Herscher's boys' football team who where the set up and clean up crew for the event, Peter Sides for taking pictures of the event, and all the people of Herscher who make this race possible each and every year. Thank you!
The next MATTS event is the Doctor Craig Schultz Memorial 40K on July 17th in Cordova, Illinois. See under the calendar heading for race details. This is mostly a flat, fast course, and produces some of the fastest 40K times on the circuit. If you are wanting to try your hand at making the sub hour club for 40K this season, this is your course. See you there!

Friday, July 3, 2009

2009 James Host & Tom Doughty Win National Title!

Tom Doughty (Amgen Giant Masters) and James Host (PACT) won the U.S. Master's title in the tadem 99-110 time trial event held July 1st in Louisville, Kentucky. The event was scored based on the sum of ages of both riders. According to my sources, James Host, a past World's silver medalist on the track, has painstakenly attempted to win this event over the past few years with different partners and even purchasing a lighter tandem. This year, he hit paydirt with a fast bike and the added horsepower of Mr. Doughty. Nice work guys!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Simon, Doughty, Dust, Medal at Nationals!

This past Wednesday, nine riders from the area competed in the U.S. Master's Nationals Time Trial Championships held in Louisville, Kentucky. The course was a 26 kilometer killer which saw riders climbing right out the start house and throughout the course. Wayne Simon (Verdigris) of Lake Barrington posted the fastest time of all Chicagolanders with a time of 31:46. This was good enough to place Wayne third on the podium in the 50-54 age division. Tom Doughty (Amgen Giant Masters) a former Olympian residing in Aurora took silver in the 55-59 age division with a time of a 31:58. Debbie Dust (PACT) of Chicago scorched the course in 35:22 for silver in the women's 35-39 division.

Other notables were Leaha Thompson (Vision Quest) 4th (W40-45); Mark Schwatzendrubber (Verizon) 8th (M 45-49); Robert Brokaw (Team Mack) 17th (45-49); Stathy Touloumis (Albertos) 26th (35-39); Reed Oliff (WDT/Allvoi) 29th (45-49); and Brian Akers (WDT/Allvoi) 33rd (40-44). Congratulations to all athletes who participated in this week's events. You showed the rest of the country just how awesome Chicago bicycle racing truly is!!


Mark Swartzendruber (Verizon)
Mike Jones (PACT)
Brian Harris (PYOC)
Brian Akers (WDT/Allvoi)
Curtis Bice (ABD)
Ron Matteson (Freeport Bicycle)
Jim Uemura (Unattached)
Daniel Madsen (ABD)
Daniel Dodson (North Branch)
Rob Jungels (ABD)
James Sneddon (ABD)
Kieth Vogel (Unattached)
Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest)
Peter Allen (XXX)
Luke Taggart (Wild Card Racing)
Doug Peterson (WDT/ Allvoi)
Eric Gauthier (Multisport Madness)
Thomas Altemus (RVO)
Ken Roanhaus (RVO)
Darin Steiner (RVO)
Loch Miwa (Flatlandia)
Michael Stodden (North Branch)
Debbie Dust (PACT)