Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 PAW PAW Results and Recap

Time Trialing Paw Paw Style!!!

Paw Paw, Illinois is situated roughly 30 miles from nowhere, a small farming community where one parks his tractor across from the only restaurant in town for a quick breakfast before mowing the back 40. Paw Paw was also the site of race #12 on the MATTS calendar. Team Apache, out of Lagrange, puts this race on every year, and it should be noted that they do a stellar job of running a first class event.

The race featured some challenging rollers, good pavement, and of course lots of wind. Do we ever get a break from the wind in the Midwest? Riders needed to watch it so they did not overcook it in the headwinds on the way out, but on the way back all bets were off. With the wind at their backs, it was total hammertime to the finish!

The usual suspects showed up to this 40K race operation. Notably Mark "the Boss" Schwartzendrubber, "Velogoddess", Debbie Dust, "Speedfreak", Dr. Michael Jones, and newcomer to the nitrous ranks this season, "Mr. Akers", Brian Akers.

Mark Schwartzendrubber (Verizon) lit up the course with a time of 52 and change followed by an impressive 54 minute TT by Micheal Jones (PACT). Brian Harris (PYOC) was third with a 54:44. Brian Akers (WDT Allvoi) was forth with a time of 55:16. Curtis Bice (ABD) was fifth with a 55:21.

On the ladies side, Debbie Dust (PACT) (her last name says it all) took first place honors with a time of 59:44 followed by women's masters rider extraordinaire, Diane Roanhaus (RVO) 1:03:00. Christine Palmquist (Training Bible) was third with a 107:15. Nancy Haymen (Albertos) turned in a great time of 1:09:00 for forth, and a newcomer to the competitve cycling ranks, Kim Galdini (ABD) was fifth with a 1:11:00. It should be noted that Kim rode a stock bike without aerobars or aero wheels.

Master's nationals is coming up this week in Louisville, Kentucky, pronounced Lou-ah-vol by the locals. For those going down from the area, safe travels, and best of luck to you all as you give it your all in an effort to bring back some choice hardware to Chicago!

The next MATTS event is July 12th, "Wolfgang Fietag Memorial 2-Person TT" in Hersher, Illinois. Check out for race details.