Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Cherry Valley I TT Recap

Rolling over to Cherry Valley Sunday morning I read WHT U GOT on a set of Illinois tags.Well, we don't have a Spring Classic in Northern Illinois, no 5 star cobblestone sections or Tomica. We did get some Flanderian winds that dried off the early morning roads. The low 70's temperature was perfect for a time trial.

A lot of people were uncertain as to where the start line was in comparison to registration. These individuals could have mapquest/googled the roads of the course that was listed on the flyer and taken a prerace drive to see the course first hand before registration opened. Then again, it would have been helpful to have had a map posted not only at registration but also a link on the flyer for those individuals who were new to the Cherry Valley TT . This is probably something more race promoters should think about in the future.

The shortened course worked out well starting after railroad tracks. The three and a half mile ride out to start was a nice way to roll into a time trial. The park at the starting line had a small stretch of road that helped to keep riders off the main road which always seems to be a problem at certain events. Hopefully, the promoters will keep this race as a 20K TT in the future.

Getting to the turn around took forever with the relentless 15+mph head wind; however, the trip back was fast and smooth with the tailwind. I can't remember a time where the whole return was ridden in a 53x11. This made me think about Chris Mosora riding a single speed. How much faster would this Scarlet Fire desperado have ridden if he had 20 or 22 gears?

According to Paul...two cats were definitely thrown in among the pigeons at Cherry Valley this past Sunday. The fastest time of the day once again belonged to a Toftoy. This time Jonathan took the honor and lit the 20K course on fire with a serious stomping of the pedals to stop the clock at 27:04.270. The second fastest time belonged to his brother Andrew (Nature Factor/Finer Finisher) who was only 8 seconds behind with a time of 27:12.010. What's momma Toftoy feeding these boys...the recommended daily amount of jet fuel for a G6? Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racing) rounded out the podium with the third fastest time of the day at 28:12.400. This makes it two for two for the Toftoys at the MATTS' outdoor events. How long will they continue this streak? I guess we'll find out when the race schedule takes us North of the state line.

The next MATTS event is the Single Bong 20K Time Trial on Sunday May 6th in Kansasville, WI. Here's the link to register for the Single Bong.

Winners of their respective categories at the CVTT include:
10-14: Nikhil Byanna
           Gina Johnson (Village Verdigris)
15-19: John Mosby (Higher Gear)
20-24: Richard Barbera
           Kendyl Minor
25-29: Bradley Sherman
            Emilie Fielder (ISCorp/Nova Sport)
30-34:  Jonathan Toftoy
            Karen Langer
35-39:  Ben Lin
40-44: Chris Mosora (Scarlet Fire)*
             Tammy Motherway
45-49: Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racinng)
            Marie Couris 
50-54: Jeff Lamay
            Cheryl Rsentreter (Multisport Madness)
55-59: Elmer Colyer (Brones Bikes)
            Diane Roanhaus (Midwest Masters)
60-64: Bob Burke (PACT Dish Network)
           Victoria McAdams
65-69: Ken Roanhaus (Midwest Masters)
70-74: Don Schiff
75-79:  Gerald Beam (ABD)
             Patricia Beam (ABD)
CAT 1/2/3: Jonathan Toftoy (Nature Factor/Finer Finisher)
                   Stacy Mosora (Scarlet Fire)
CAT 4/5: Henry Heisler
                 Karen Langer
* Single Speed

For a complete listing of the results, as well as other ABR race results, checkout the Mid America Time Trial Series and American Bicycle Racing websites.

2012 MATTS SUB 30 20K CLUB:
- Jonathan Toftoy 
- Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor/Finer Finisher)
- Reed Oliff (Lamb Little Racing)
- Elmer Colyer (Brones Bikes)
- Chris Mosora (Scarlet Fire)*
- Curtis Bice (Trek Midwest)
- Bob Burke (PACT Dish Network)
- Brian Akers (Lamb Little Racing)
- Jeff Lamay
- Joe Berenyi (ABD)
- Henry Heisler
* Single Speed

Big thanks goes out to the Big Ring Flyers Cycle Club and Freeport Bicycle Company for putting together a well run and safe race.

UPCOMING RACES in Illinois/Wisconsin Area:

May 5th   Dar’s Midwest Time Trial Championship (16 mile)        Willard, WI                              WISPORT
May 6th   WBR Single Bong 20K Time Trial                                      Kansasville, WI                          MATTS  

May 19th  Stray Kats Barstow 20K Time Trial                                    Barstow, IL                             MATTS  

May 26th  L’Alp BI’ Huez Time Trial (10 mile)                                Blue Mounds State Park, WI       WISPORT    


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two More Time Trial Events/Series for 2012

Just thought I would take a minute to list two more TT events:

Break Away Bicycle Club runs a Sunday morning 20K and 40K time trial out of Kokomo, Indiana. They've been putting on this TT for the past 10 years. A couple of years ago Doug Peterson and I made a last minute decision to head down to Kokomo and give it a go.

The registration cost is $10, and the starting order is based on order of registration. It's an out and back course that's basically flat, and since they start the TT at seven a.m. Sunday, I doubt that you'll see any traffic on the course. The 40K course record is 50:51, and the 20K course record is 26:28. I have a feeling that a couple of turbo-charged TT riders in the greater Chicago area could possibly set a new course record if they took a little trip...Way Down to Kokomo. 

Spin City Cycles runs a Wednesday Night Time Trial Series (DTTS - Decatur Time Trial Series) out of Lincoln Trail Homestead Park. Depending on the amount of daylight, you can choose to race either a 20K or 40K TT. This TT is similar to the the Bong/Double laps.

The registration cost is only a dollar, and the first rider takes of at six. Starting order is based on your speed...slowest rider takes off first with the fastest rider going last. Pretty interesting concept that works really well here because of the small number of competitors and their varying skill levels. If you participate on an evening that they are running both the 20K and 40K, they'll start the 40K group first, and the 20K group second. The two TT's have different starting locations, but they both finish at the same point right outside of the park.

Some of you "fuel injected speed demons" might feel like "Spartacus" starting last and being able to pass all the riders who started in front of you. The course is open and basically pancake flat except for two overpasses. From looking at the map they've listed on their website, the course might have changed since I last rode it. No corner marshals so you'll need to pay attention when turning onto a new section of road. When you cross the finish line, you'll need to call out your number which will make several of you sound like you're going through puberty again.

Spin City Cycles also gives out t shirts, visors or some sort of apparel for those riders who ride a sub 30 minute 20K or a sub hour 40K. In other words, these guys do a really nice job promoting the sport of cycling in central Illinois.

For those of you time trialists trying to get that clean, sleek look or aerodynamic, watt saving advantage because your front brake isn't built into the fork. You might want to check out the new Omega brake.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 ABD Indoor TT Series Recap

On this screen each of the eight riders can easily see not only their own stats,
but the stats of the other seven riders as well as their location on the course.
 Pedaling fast and going absolutely nowhere...Dan stop looking at Druber's Watts!
Fastest Rider at the four ABD Indoor TT Series Events:
1st. Flat 10K TT:
                         Dan Verner (PACT) 14:19.13

2nd. Rolling 10K TT:
                         Mark Swartzendruber (Scarlet Fire Racing) 14:37.46

3rd. Hill Climb 9K TT:
                         Mark Swartzendruber (Scarlet Fire Racing) 14:13.77

4th. JFM 9.22 Mile TT:
                         Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor/Finer Finish) 19:34.27

After three ABD indoor time trial events and the John Fraser Memorial Time Trial, overall times have been tabulated for all riders in each category. Riders needed to complete all four races to be eligible for the overall standings.
Overall Individual Competition:
10-14: Alex Koors (ABD) and Gina Johnson (Multisport Madness)
15-19: Konrad Witt (ABD)
30-34: Kenneth Dorado (Iron Cycles) and Katie Christenson
35-39: Courtney Javorski (Team Tri Smart)
40-44: Neil Thomas (Team Mack Racing)
45-49: Dan Verner (PACT) and Lori Miller (ABD)
50-54: Mark Swartzendruber (Scarlet Fire Racing)
55-59: Robert Marshall (ABD)
60-64: Richard Kreutzfeldt (PACT)
65-69: Edward Rhyne and Victoria McAdams
70-74: Peter Alexander (Midwest Masters)
75-79: Gerald Beam (ABD) and Patricia Beam (ABD)
CAT 1/2/3: Konrad Witt (ABD)
CAT 4/5: Matt Howley (EMC2)

Overall Team Competition:
1st Place: EMC2 (Won $500)
2nd Place: ABD

ABD Raffle:
PLUS won $500

Another year of the ABD Indoor Time Trial Series is in the books, and it's time to move the racing outside where aerodynamics become vital. I would personally like to send out a congratulations to those of you who either won your category or set a new PR...nice job! How about the youngster Konrad Witt who finished first in both the CAT 1/2/3 and 15-19 category. You can click on the following link for a complete listing of all the results for the 13th Annual ABD Indoor Time Trial Series.

After taking some time to look over the names in the results, I noticed a lot of regulars weren't present at this year's indoor time trial events. Could this be due to the fact that all three indoor events count as only as one time trial event in the MATTS overall standings? Who knows...maybe for the 2013 MATTS season this could become a required race? Hopefully those of you who couldn't show up to the indoor events can make it to some of the outdoor events considering the cost of gas is still predicted to top out near five dollars this summer.

Just thought I might include a 2009 YouTube video of Cherry Valley that Bill Cassidy had put together. We can only hope the weather this spring continues to be as nice as it has been the past three weeks. Personally, I would prefer not racing twice in the cold rain.


Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 John Fraser Memorial TT Recap

Normally the weather for the John Fraser Memorial Time Trial (JFMTT) is down right cold, windy and just plain miserable. At least that's what most of us have become accustomed to over the years. The forecast was just a bit off from what Kahn had previously predicted, but who can complain. He got paid, and all of you desperadoes rolled out to the quiet, little, sleepy town of Maple Park to compete in the first MATTS outdoor race of truth. The weather this year was a lot more inviting even with the cool damp air. The wet pavement might have been a disadvantage for those racers who rolled out early; however, several racers posted some pretty impressive times considering the circumstances.

The fastest time of the day was posted by the youngster Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor/Finer Finish). He stopped the clock at an amazing 19:34.27 for the 9.22 mile course that had two turn arounds. I'm not sure even "Bobke" had him on his radar for this time trial. I know his brother John has put in several impressive times at races over the past four years. Both John and Andrew did a nice job choosing their parents because the genes they inherited are quite advantageous in this sport. Bryce Mead (Mead's Bike Shop) came in with the second fastest time at 19:35.24 and Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing) came in with the third fastest time at 19:51.85 completing the podium.

Check out the new medal design for the MATTS 2012 season.
Nice job Doug...this medal looks awesome! You gotta love the
Mavic track wheel with the clock hands...definitely an upgrade!

Winners of their respective categories at the JFMTT include:
10-14: Alex Koors (ABD)
              Gina Johnson (Multisport Madness)
15-19: Konrad Witt (ABD)
20-24: Jake Buesscher (XXX Racing Athletico)
25-29: Andrew Toftoy (Nature Factor/Finer Finish)
                Ashley Korol
30-34: Bryce Mead (Mead's Bike Shop)
                Amanda Windorff
35-39: Brian Kubinski (Project 5 Racing)
                Erin Kubinski (Project 5 Racing)
40-44: Chris Mosora (Scarlet Fire Racing)*
45-49: Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing)
                Deb Colyer
50-54: Dan Norbeck (Vision Quest)
                Carla Axt-Pilon (Elmhurst Bike Club)
55-59: Elmer Colyer (Brones Bikes)
                Diane Roanhaus (Midwest Masters)
60-64: Richard Kreutzfeldt (PACT)
                Victoria McAdams
65-69: Ken Roanhaus (Midwest Masters)
70-74: Bob Burns (Team Mack)
                Nancy Beck (Midwest Masters)
75-79: Gerald Beam (ABD)
                Patricia Beam (ABD)
CAT 1/2/3: Jeff Otto (Lamb Little Racing)
                          Stacy Mosora (Scarlet Fire Racing)
CAT 4/5: Jack Arnolde (Northbranch)
                      Laura Wheatley (Team Rev 3)
*Single Speed

As if Jeff Otto wasn't fast enough, the man and his "techno weenie" machine are seen here dialing in some serious nano precision at the wind tunnel in AREA 51. Not sure how many watts that front brake is costing him at different angles, but he shouldn't worry about it. I'll make sure that I personally eat another apple fritter or two or what the heck maybe even three before the race. This way he can catch me when I start six minutes ahead of him at the next 41K time trial. Phil really missed that prediction last year of when the catch would occur, and the officials totally forgot to check my bottom bracket...thanks Spartacus.
As always, ABD put on another spectacularly, organized race. These cats really have it figured out when it comes to the teamwork that's needed in orchestrating these races. This can obviously be seen in the turnout they receive at their races. Many of the other race clubs could learn a lot from these guys in how to get things done both effectively and efficiently. I especially appreciate how they keep the racers informed with their emails and flyers that are several months ahead of time.

I would have liked to have seen everyone at the JFMTT, but I had a little run in with the tarmac on Friday during a training ride. I should be all healed up and ready to roll in two weeks at the Cherry Valley time trial. Rick Green has shortened the course this year to a 20K that avoids the fercockt tracks...definitely a positive. No cyclist enjoys flying over railroad tracks with all of that expensive carbon fiber equipment. Maybe a dual suspension mountain bike would make this section of road a bit more fun to bunny hop.

Until then...enjoy your training and check out Doug Peterson's new website Mid America Time Trial Series for a full listing of time trial events and results. Once again Doug, you did a nice job putting it together...thanks!

Reed, absolutely no more noshing on Kentucky
 gas station donuts...they're chazere!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012-Upcoming TT's in IL/WI for April, May and June

All 2012 time trial races for Illinois and Wisconsin are now listed down 
the left hand side of the page. The timers have a link to the promoter's 
All of the WISPORT races listed below are linked to a flyer...
wish I could say the same for the MATTS races. Only one of
the seven I've listed below is linked to a flyer. When this
MATTS information becomes available, I'll get it updated ASAP.
DATE         RACES  and  PROMOTERS                                            LOCATION
April 15th  Big Ring Flyers-Freeport BC 20K Cherry Valley, IL MATTS   
May 5th   Dar’s Midwest Time Trial Championship (16 mile) Willard, WI WISPORT   
May 6th   WBR Single Bong 20K Time Trial Kansasville, WI MATTS   
May 19th  Stray Kats Barstow 20K Time Trial                                    Barstow, IL MATTS    
May 26th  L’Alp BI’ Huez Time Trial (10 mile) Blue Mounds State Park, WI WISPORT   
June 2nd  Rib Falls Time Trial (25 mile) Rib Falls, WI WISPORT    
June 3rd WBR Bong and a Half 30K Time Trial Kansasville, WI MATTS   
June 9th   Fredric Lions Time Trial (26.4 mile) Fredric, WI WISPORT    
June 10th WBR Harvard 30K Time Trial Harvard, IL MATTS   
June 16th Scarlet Fire 2-Person 40K Team Time Trail Garden Prairie, IL MATTS   
June 24th Team Apache Illinois State Championship 40K TT   Paw Paw, IL MATTS   
June 30th Brice Prairie Time Trial (26.2 mile)                            Brice Prairie, WI WISPORT  

Somewhere in the great dairyland of cheese!
For any of you that will be traveling this summer toward Indiana and Ohio, you might want to check out the Colavita-ZIPP Speed Weaponry Time Trial Series and the Monrovia Time Trial. I've done a couple of these races in the past, and the promoters do an excellent with these race series.
Gotta like the start house at the COTTS!